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Why I'm Angry

I’m angry because I can’t turn on the news

Without hearing of more death and inhumanity

I’m angry because my alma mater is now known for a mass shooting and sexual predators

I’m angry because both of my dads are gone and their birthdays are both next month

And it’s suicide awareness month so I get to relive my dad’s suicide for the millionth time

I’m angry because my husband is traveling more than ever this fall

And I’m single momming it with two hyperactive boys

I’m angry because there are people who don’t want the truth to be told

Who try to cover up our country’s history with lies and oppression

Teachers who can’t teach, who are made to feel ashamed for imparting knowledge on their students

And survivors testifying in front of legislators who care more about gun rights than they do the right to life

Unless of course you are talking about the lives of unborn babies

I’m angry because women are still being treated like second class citizens and slavery is disguised as human trafficking

And people are dying from drug overdoses while the pharmaceutical companies are rolling in dough

I’m fucking angry

Because this shit won’t stop

I’m angry

I’m angry

I’m angry

And I won’t stop using my voice until the day I die.

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