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My Most Grateful Year Yet

Every year on Thanksgiving, I reflect on the past year. I ask myself what I am grateful for, and it is usually my family, my health & fitness, my good fortune to have a roof over my head and a full belly. I know that I am loved and cared for, and I pass that onto my children.

This year was my hardest year yet. This was the year that I addressed my mental health head on, the year that I found a good therapist and held nothing back from, and the year that I faced my own alcoholism and admitted my addiction. I could have easily let all of that tell me that I was doing enough in just taking care of myself, attending therapy, and becoming sober.

Instead, I pushed harder, in typical Celeste fashion. I faced my discomfort, I stared fear in the face, and I said let's fucking do this. I want to be the absolute best version of me possible, and that means that I have to boldly, bravely answer all kinds of questions that make me squirm. It's the only way to become whole again.

I posted on my Instagram account (@boldbravegoddess) a few days ago that I recently had an epiphany, and that was that I was constantly subconsciously seeking ways to re-traumatize myself. Even though it was only creating more drama and instability in my life, it was like my body was craving this toxicity. In my post, I made the commitment to no longer do this to myself. I deserve so much better. We all do.

By conducting this deep-dive into my brain and my history, I am able to start healing. As my good friend Kara says, "The only way out is through." The only way to achieve stability now is to address my former need for instability. The only way to achieve peace is to uncover why I craved drama for so long. The only way to remain sober is to ask myself why I relied on alcohol for the past decade and to form a support structure so that I don't revert back.

This year, I am most grateful for my bravery. I am grateful for my husband who has stood by my side during the hardest of times and consoled me while I wept. Time is healing me, telling my truth is healing me, forming this business to boldly tell my story is healing me.

This was the year that I stepped out of my comfort zone and I told myself that I am good enough to be an entrepreneur. My story is important, and I have so much to offer the world. My goal is to inspire and influence as many women as possible to use their voices. They are so important. All of our stories are important, we are all good enough, we are all amazing, unstoppable human beings.

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1 Comment

Nov 30, 2019

I am always here with you and for you Celeste. Hugs Tommy

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