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The Worst Thing You Can Do This Year underestimate Donald Trump. To sit on the sidelines and think that there is no way he can be re-elected. After all, isn’t that what we thought in 2016 - that there was no way in hell that this ass-clown could win?

After watching Fahrenheit 11/9 on Saturday night with Mark, my worst fears are resurfacing. We CANNOT allow what occurred in 2016 to happen again in 2020. We cannot take our liberties for granted. We MUST do everything we can to replace the orange turd in the White House, or we face decades of consequences. As it is, we are already facing a global climate crisis that Trump is exacerbating by pulling out of the Paris agreement and allowing the energy/coal and oil/gas industries to rule. Then I started having a mini panic attack when I read over the weekend that the administration is removing protections on our water. Are you fucking kidding me? Just when we think he has done the absolute worst, he outdoes himself again. No longer is his behavior “shocking” to me, but it IS extremely alarming and should certainly wake everyone up. 

I vividly remember that fateful November day in 2016, waking up to find out that Trump had won the election, ugly crying while holding my then-baby Noah. A moment of dread came over my whole body. At the time, I was mostly disgusted that Americans had elected a sexual predator, especially since I am a survivor of sexual assault and rape myself. It is abhorrent to me what men get away with in their positions of power with no real consequences (other than paying some hush money, which is total BS). However, I had no idea how bad things would get and what the election meant for the future of our country and of our world.

So we have our "leader" abusing his power to get what he wants out of women, to bully his own staff as well as leaders from other countries, and to convince a good portion of the American public that he can do no wrong. Who was just like this? Who was elected in Germany with no prior political experience, because he spoke what was on his mind and was a "fresh face" to the country? Who developed a cult following who obeyed every word he said? You guessed it - Adolf Hitler. Trump is just like him. JUST LIKE HIM. He is a misogynistic, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, narcissistic STAIN on our history.

If you think that you aren’t affected by Trump or even politics in general, you are sorely mistaken my friend. Do you go to the doctor? Do you have a job? Are you saving money for retirement? Do you like to breathe clean air? Do you like fresh water? My guess is you answered yes to all or at least most of the above questions. So I have a job for you.

My job for you is this: spread the word! Encourage all of your friends and loved ones and even strangers to vote on November 3rd. No matter who the Democratic nominee is, it is imperative that we vote this fucker out of the White House ASAP since the cowards in the Senate are led by Moscow Mitch who will do anything to cover their own asses. Even they know what a terror their leader is but refuse to stand up to him. I call BS, and so should you.

So get out the vote! Campaign for the Democratic nominee. Make phone calls, go door to door, attend public meetings, spread the word throughout your community. This is the most important election in American history and will shape our world for generations to come, if we even make it that far. With Donald Trump in office, our years are surely shortened. Is that something you want to be responsible for being a part of? Ask yourself that. Ask yourself and dig deep into what your true values are, and then act on them. I believe in you my friends. Let's do this together, as one. If not for me or for you, for my children and for our future generations. Their lives depend on us.

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